By Sue Quinn, Jul 28 2018 06:05PM

I have been reminded by some of my collector friends that my blog is overdue for some content! This is definitely true and my only and overused excuse is that time flies by too quickly! I seem to get busier and busier which is really really lovely but hard to keep up at times!

It has been a great year with many successful shows around the country. Just when I worry that my inspiration has disappeared, it comes back overnight and my fingers cannot work fast enough to make my ideas come true. One thing is for certain though.....I will never be able to stop creating and making my animal friends!

For the first time ever, I was not able to attend a booked show - the British bear fair at Woburn Abbey where I and many others had a great time last year. Our hot water tank sprang a leak while we were on holiday so we came back to a completely drenched king size bed and all its trimmings. Only a day away from packing the car ready for our drive down to Woburn.... The whole house was a nightmare so it felt difficult to leave it like that.

However I heard the show was a great success and I was thrilled to bits that I won five awards - two crystal and three certificates. The Stratford Teddy Bear Show came soon after and we had dried out by this time! It was a lovely show and I had chance to chat to collectors and other bear artists. We always enjoy Stratford and it is great that Katherine Hallam has ressurected this great show.

Now I have a few weeks where I can catch up on some orders and even have some spare for all the shows in the lead up to Christmas. It is just as well as I have managed to injure my achilles tendon and standing long hours at a show would not be good!

By Sue Quinn, Sep 3 2017 02:30PM

This year has been unbelievably busy......I feel I am always saying that but it is so true and I consider myself very lucky and there are some lovely collectors who like my work! January arrived and I thought that I would have a break and even get a little bored.... but no chance! My order books were full to brimming so there was no rest.

All my work for my latest book was completed by Christmas and it was a real milestone - it was hard work and a lot of soul searching to help produce what I believe to be a lovely book thanks to Search Press! My last book How to Sew Little Felt Animals' is in its 5th reprint which is amazing so I do hope that this book is popular too.

The usual shows; Winterbearfest, Knitting and Stitching, the Highland Show were all excellent although the long days at the Highland Show are getting to me. We keep thinking whether we should stop doing that one but we do meet some great people there.

The highlight has to be the new show at Woburn Abbey in June organised by Hilary Pauley. It was truly amazing and brought back some of the excitement fairs used to create. There were some great guests; Kelly Dean, R.John Wright and Ian Pout - not forgetting Alfonzo who was enjoying his last showing in the UK before travelling to a new museum in Denmark. To mark this occasion there were awards for many categories in both bear making and collecting.

The awards ceremony was held at Hilary's beautiful home at a garden party - and what a party! Everything was just perfect and the food outstanding. Even the weather managed to keep good even if there was a bit of wind which rattled the marquee from time to time which threatened to disturb Jena Pangs violin recital.

I still cant believe that I won four awards and a glass trophy (Alfonzo award). I have never seen such a lovely trophy - as heavy as a brick and beautifully engraved with a bear inside. When I recall the whole occasion it still makes me smile.

By Sue Quinn, Sep 4 2016 04:04PM

Each year we wonder whether we should stop doing the Highland Show - the hours are long and it is very tiring! Then we think about all the lovely people we meet and how they said last year that they look forward to coming to see the animals again. I imagine the happy faces I remember seeing and how much enjoyment everyone had choosing their new addition to their collection.In the moments when I feel as though I am flagging a little or my back is aching, someone comes along to make it all worthwhile by saying something really touching.

After doing countless fairs, one would imagine that nothing would be forgotten or left behind. Naturally this is not the case and as we drive along the Motorway to set up before the show my mind ticks imaginary boxes of items, smiling to myself as I wonder what I have forgotten this time.

I won a trophy this time for forgetfulness. The organisers always insist on the walls of the stand being covered and I have metres of fabric for this purpose. However, each show and the amount of fabric required is different. So this time......not enough for the back wall. Oh noooooo. This resulted in a glaring session from my husband - who can blame him? I on the other hand was desperately wondering what to do. In the end, we used the worn and tired looking stretch of cloth that we use for a night sheet and was ok....just.

Even though I worried about the fair's success, it turned out to be one of the best ever shows with many animals being adopted! Of course we have to return next year!!!

By Sue Quinn, May 8 2016 11:46AM

Since My Ted had recovered from his foot operation, he insisted that he should accompany Mr Jones on a little holiday - after all Mr Jones has already had many little adventures whilst Mr Ted has never been anywhere! This does not seem fair so I have agreed as long as they dont try to take too many things with them. I saw the small vintage deckchairs being placed in the holiday well as lots of other bits and pieces no bear should be without away from home but it all depends on how much room there is in the suitcase!

By Sue Quinn, May 8 2016 11:31AM

We have made the decision not to exhibit at Gardening Scotland this year - despite the fact we have met some lovely people there and definitely enjoyed the show. I am so sorry if this has disappointed any one who was hoping to add a small animal to their collection, but I am hoping that you will be able to visit me at another venue! Thank you to everyone who has supported me there......

It was a hard decision to make, since we have been doing this show for many years but I am finding it hard to keep up with the orders which are piling up! It is a good position to be in and I am delighted that my little guys are going off to new homes.

However, as they are all hand made and I only have one wonderful part time helper I just cant do it all! Especially as I am deep into working on my next book which will be out next Spring.

My poor husband keep muttering about the amount I take with me to these shows and the number of stairs to climb up and down in order to pack the car! However, I am happy to say that I have now replaced my faithful car by a new uptodate model to cope with the next few years of shows.

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