A very Merry Christmas to everyone!

By Sue Quinn, Dec 24 2019 12:27PM

Phew - It is Christmas Eve already and my heart is still pounding and brain still whirling ticking off orders and commissions. I just feel frustrated that I have to sleep....and I do......a lot. So many people say things like 'Ohhhhh I have to work until 2 in the morning' but I cannot do that. I have to get my sleep then work hard and continuosly during the day. It doesnt stop me dreaming though and more than a few dreams involve sewing/fairs/etc etc.

It has been an amazing year for both myself and Travel Ted and all his chums. The Sewing Quarter has been such a wonderful challenge on all levels and I have made some lovely new friends and customers.

Although live TV seemed scary it was ok really even though I am pretty sure that some of my words were rubbish hehe. So sad that it is coming to an end. I know so many people will miss it; keeping them interested and watching while they are working and I feel sad for them as well as the presenters and team who have always been great to deal with.

Next year will bring another challenge though......I have a new book to write for Search Press which is due for publication early 2021. I am also planning a few youtube instructional videos about bear and animal making. Master bearmaking workshops are also on the todo list. Please let me know if you would like to be on a mailing list for a newsletter! I have to confess that my blog is sadly neglected so that will also be addressed.

Thankyou thankyou everyone who has adopted one of my animals or bears, read my books or come to see me at the shows - it means so much to me.

Feb 13 2020 11:56AM by JENNIFER FALLON

Hi I just discovered you! I am an a artist (pediatric nurse by day). Currently working on my first childrens book. I keep getting distracted by making felt animals. I'm a little obsessed with deer and unicorns. Also I'm learning Gaelic. I love your work!- Sincerely Jennifer Fallon

May 31 2020 02:50PM by Mairi Douglas

Hi Sue I would like to purchase an Annabelle rabbit for my great niece for her first birthday . My daughter has one and she is 35
Thank you

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