Christmas Lists!

By Sue Quinn, Nov 7 2015 01:57PM

The mornings are misty and the dew laden cobwebs are looking pretty among the red berries; it must be THAT time of the year when my phone never stops ringing with orders and I am making so many to do lists for the upcoming Christmas shows - Country Living Christmas Fair and Hopetoun House. I love Autumn - I just wish I had more time to enjoy it instead of rushing around helter skelter.

It is a perfect time for my hedgehogs and animals to wear their winter coats and woollies in all those delicious autumnal or festive shades. As usual I am surrounded by piles of fabrics threatening to topple over and trip me up.

For the Country Living Christmas Fair, which is in less than two weeks time (hellllllp), the decision has been made to sew fitted covers for the new folding 1metre tables. Well it was a good idea. Hopefully it still is but I am sure that I have developed a whole new crop of grey hairs trying to get the pattern repeats to match and the lengths right.

I am delighted that one of my hedgies will be in the Christmas Hamper at the Country Living Show.

There are ten nominated Christmas gifts in the hamper and visitors can vote for their favourite for the 'Peoples choice award'. Entries will be put in a draw to win the hamper with all its goodies!

It is good news that my book 'how to sew Little Felt Animals' seems to be selling well so far - I will taking it along to Country Living and I will also take some felt supplies.

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