Do I hear the sounds of Christmas?

By Sue Quinn, Nov 19 2018 05:07PM

I always enjoy the run up to Christmas more than the actual event - sparkly lights, festive music (not too much please!) and the general anticipation. This year is no exception - I know that by the time it comes I will be in an exhasusted heap after all the shows.

Country Living show has just finished - one of my favourites for the year and as usual it was a spectacular event with Christmas trees, decorations and bunting abounding everywhere. Perhaps it may be slightly early for some - everyone seems to feel that the year has zoomed in far too quickly as ever but it does have to start somewhere!

My stand was in its usual spot, filled with Hedgehogs, bears and animals and so many were adopted to be taken home; it is always a pleasure when people come along to add another one to their collection!

Some had travelled miles to choose another and they went home happily. I held a workshop each day to make a pair of Mini Merry Christmas mittens and it was a success judging by the smiles - so thankyou all of those who came along.

My next event is Hopetoun House, which starts on the 31st November for three days. That is a really pretty show which is held inside the House so you can see the beautiful rooms. It is hard to believe that I only have just over a week to prepare but I will manage!!

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