Easter Monday and Spring is in the air!

By Sue Quinn, Apr 6 2015 05:51PM

After so many weeks of rain and cold - today has been sunny and the sky blue. When we stepped outside the bird song was almost deafening - the birds must be delighted at the change of weather.

I took the opportunity to take my latest big bear outside to smell the air!

He particularly enjoyed seeing the magnolia buds opening which are always so pretty but although he really wanted to pose by the daffodils by the edge of the road he decided against it as he felt just a tad shy!

However he was happy to try out the little wooden Triang baby walker I had purchased recently at auction! It is just perfect for a big bear but all these large 'props' do take up a lot of room! This boy was finished at the stand at the Doll and Teddy Fair at Pudsey and had a lovely cuddle from Wendy Boston before he was even finished. Now he is all ready to go to a new home!

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