By Sue Quinn, Aug 3 2015 10:43AM

I feel like a small animal starting to gather supplies and leaves for the coming Autumn. (How can it be Autumn when we have had had no Summer?) Nearly out of fabric for the tiny dresses I make for the animals, I have been searching again for just the right prints!

So it was time for a visit to my favourite quilt store to see what they have got - walking in with the intention of not spending very much; walking out with a bag stuffed. The problem is that when I walk into a fabric store my pulse speeds up dramatically - I love the smell, the colours and and and......everything. I do try to buy online too but sometimes it is not the same as actually feeling and seeing the cloth.

My shelves at the studio are groaning with cloth....Harris Tweeds, pure wool coatings, Liberty lawns, school uniform, and vintage. To be honest I do need a good sort out but the problem is that once tidied it doesnt stay that way long. When dresses and coats need to be made, piles of cloth have to be rummaged through to get the right one!

Yep, I must be a born gatherer..... it is where to put it all?

Sep 12 2015 10:36AM by Jenni

just found this post Sue - and you are on your way to Hugglets already! Tis has made me think - SQUIRREL. Think Hettie MacTweedy needs to adopt a squirrel tot - do make them in the smaller size?
Jenni (and paws waving from Hettie, Wee Flora anf Wee Quinn)

Sep 12 2015 05:03PM by Sue Quinn

Hi Jenni
Good to hear from you! I do in fact make little squirrels the same size as Tilly (and can share her clothes!). I have put an image of the squirrels in the last blog post. Let me know if you would like to adopt. Going to the airport in an hour!! xx

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