Hurrah Hugglets tomorrow!

By Sue Quinn, Sep 12 2015 04:58PM


Hugglets tomorrow! My suitcases are bulging and squeaking with excitement - well not the cases, but the bears and other animals inside. As for me....well I have to say I am aching all over - I don't think I can stitch another stitch or stuff another stuff. My poor brain feels the same - I cannot think of anything but bears....hedgehogs....animals.... I just hope that I have remembered everything.

Two young moles have hopped in to join the party - not the ones in the image as these have already gone to a wonderful collector in Germany. It is always hard to get a good image of dark fur but you get the general idea!

In February Bernard was adopted, leaving his girlfriend behind so his new owner contacted me to ask if I could bring a young lady for him as he has been looking a little wistful ever since that show. Bernard has seen the picture of his intended and has a little gleam in his eye - I think he will be happy!

There are some lovely bigger hedgehogs dressed in woolly coats or waxed jacket and some little guys - squirrels among them.

Sep 12 2015 05:18PM by j

OOOOHHHH - MOLES too! Wish I could go.

Sep 12 2015 05:37PM by j

OOOOHHHH - MOLES too! Wish I could go.

Aug 27 2016 11:14PM by Tilly

Hi so cute

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