June 2019

By Sue Quinn, Jun 24 2019 04:57PM

This year has been the usual whirlwind of shows but I have been v ery remiss not updating my blog! I was so delighted that I was asked to appear on the Sewing Quarter TV show, and already I have been on the show three times with another four pencilled in!

The Sewing Quarter is an amazing show and great fun to be part of even though it means a very very early start in the morning! I have met some really lovely people and it is great fun. My next appearance is on the 1st July in the morning, so if you get a chance do tune in! If I make any silly mistakes (which I am sure is likely) please forgive me.....

In my book, How to Make Heirloom Bears, there is a pattern called Travel Ted. This was shown on one of the programmes and I also designed and made up a kit to make his holiday clothes. It was suggested that people send in their holiday pics showing Travel Ted enjoying the sights and this has taken off. There is even a facebook group called 'Travel Ted and Chums' for those who have adopted or made a travel ted.

I am just back from the Royal Highland Show, the latest event for myself and the bears. It is a pretty tiring four days with eary starts and late finish but we couldnt miss the occasion - it is so big and busy that it is wonderful to be a part of it all. My new highland cow was certainly a hit and sold within minutes of the show opening. A big big thanks to all those who visited and those who adopted one of my animals. It is so much appreciated and I just love to see everyone after working quietly in my studio for long periods!

Even though we had considered not doing this show again next year, we came away knowing that it will not be our last after all - even though I could hardly wake up this morning. How could we miss it?

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