My secret stash!

By Sue Quinn, Apr 20 2015 06:04PM

Ok I confess all. I have a passion for all things pencil. The colours, the wood, the smell even. Each time I add some different ones to my collection I promise that this time I will actually use them. However the same thing happens......I don't want to ruin those pristine lengths of wood!

Of course, they all differ in some way, some softer than others and some watercolour - I think my current favourite is the lovely set of Faber Castell Prismacolour. They are indeed a reminder to me of the yearly Christmas gift of a set of Lakeland colour pencils and that is probably the problem as well as the pleasure. My little pencilled offerings were not good, not good at all. All I succeeded to do was break the points and argue with my smug older brother who always kept his in good condition!

So now I have come out of my pencil box and confessed - I promise to actually use them more often and even, horror of horror, use and sharpen them down to little stumps!

There are many incredibly gifted Coloured Pencil artists out there and I know my work will never be at that level but I will try! Now....which set of pencils should I buy next?

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