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By Sue Quinn, May 8 2016 11:31AM

We have made the decision not to exhibit at Gardening Scotland this year - despite the fact we have met some lovely people there and definitely enjoyed the show. I am so sorry if this has disappointed any one who was hoping to add a small animal to their collection, but I am hoping that you will be able to visit me at another venue! Thank you to everyone who has supported me there......

It was a hard decision to make, since we have been doing this show for many years but I am finding it hard to keep up with the orders which are piling up! It is a good position to be in and I am delighted that my little guys are going off to new homes.

However, as they are all hand made and I only have one wonderful part time helper I just cant do it all! Especially as I am deep into working on my next book which will be out next Spring.

My poor husband keep muttering about the amount I take with me to these shows and the number of stairs to climb up and down in order to pack the car! However, I am happy to say that I have now replaced my faithful car by a new uptodate model to cope with the next few years of shows.

May 13 2016 06:33PM by Susan Davis

We met on the Featherweight FB website. I loved your quilted case cover. What an interesting and busy life you have!! I have enjoyed reading about your business and seeing your beautiful creations!

I'm in Boerne, Texas....just north of San Antonio. Already hot, humid here. Looking forward to reading more blog....

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