Summer rain and show reports.

By Sue Quinn, Sep 4 2016 04:04PM

Each year we wonder whether we should stop doing the Highland Show - the hours are long and it is very tiring! Then we think about all the lovely people we meet and how they said last year that they look forward to coming to see the animals again. I imagine the happy faces I remember seeing and how much enjoyment everyone had choosing their new addition to their collection.In the moments when I feel as though I am flagging a little or my back is aching, someone comes along to make it all worthwhile by saying something really touching.

After doing countless fairs, one would imagine that nothing would be forgotten or left behind. Naturally this is not the case and as we drive along the Motorway to set up before the show my mind ticks imaginary boxes of items, smiling to myself as I wonder what I have forgotten this time.

I won a trophy this time for forgetfulness. The organisers always insist on the walls of the stand being covered and I have metres of fabric for this purpose. However, each show and the amount of fabric required is different. So this time......not enough for the back wall. Oh noooooo. This resulted in a glaring session from my husband - who can blame him? I on the other hand was desperately wondering what to do. In the end, we used the worn and tired looking stretch of cloth that we use for a night sheet and was ok....just.

Even though I worried about the fair's success, it turned out to be one of the best ever shows with many animals being adopted! Of course we have to return next year!!!

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