By Sue Quinn, Jul 12 2015 09:02PM

Shame on me! I have been so busy with my feet hardly touching the ground (unless I am asleep) and I have neglected my blog. This is Summer now, well the pretence of one which is typical of Scotland. Whilst parts of the world or even Britain for that matter are baking, here in West Scotland it is mostly raining....and cold.

My time has been taken up with shows, shows and shows....Gardening Scotland, the Highland Show, Pudsey and Sheffield. Each one has been very successful and even surpassing last years totals! This was amazing and great but it did mean that I had to knuckle down and make more for the next show.

The book 'How to sew Little Felt Animals has been going really well it seems - a good ranking on Amazon and Search Press tells me that the stocks are going down. Now it is time to concentrate on the next book which will be a delight.

Lots to do, but I can never stop adding something to the list! There are only so many hours in the day but I do try to get a little drawing done too whenever I can. Having opened up my tins and boxes of coloured pencils I am now committed to improving my skills in this direction which is very slow! Not too surprising when I have spent all day sewing and stuffing.

This lovely little girl came to visit me with her Aunty and I drew her picture together with the bear that went home with her! My first attempt at a portrait in colour pencils.

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