Whirlwind of a year!

By Sue Quinn, Sep 3 2017 02:30PM

This year has been unbelievably busy......I feel I am always saying that but it is so true and I consider myself very lucky and there are some lovely collectors who like my work! January arrived and I thought that I would have a break and even get a little bored.... but no chance! My order books were full to brimming so there was no rest.

All my work for my latest book was completed by Christmas and it was a real milestone - it was hard work and a lot of soul searching to help produce what I believe to be a lovely book thanks to Search Press! My last book How to Sew Little Felt Animals' is in its 5th reprint which is amazing so I do hope that this book is popular too.

The usual shows; Winterbearfest, Knitting and Stitching, the Highland Show were all excellent although the long days at the Highland Show are getting to me. We keep thinking whether we should stop doing that one but we do meet some great people there.

The highlight has to be the new show at Woburn Abbey in June organised by Hilary Pauley. It was truly amazing and brought back some of the excitement fairs used to create. There were some great guests; Kelly Dean, R.John Wright and Ian Pout - not forgetting Alfonzo who was enjoying his last showing in the UK before travelling to a new museum in Denmark. To mark this occasion there were awards for many categories in both bear making and collecting.

The awards ceremony was held at Hilary's beautiful home at a garden party - and what a party! Everything was just perfect and the food outstanding. Even the weather managed to keep good even if there was a bit of wind which rattled the marquee from time to time which threatened to disturb Jena Pangs violin recital.

I still cant believe that I won four awards and a glass trophy (Alfonzo award). I have never seen such a lovely trophy - as heavy as a brick and beautifully engraved with a bear inside. When I recall the whole occasion it still makes me smile.

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