By Sue Quinn, Sep 12 2015 04:58PM


Hugglets tomorrow! My suitcases are bulging and squeaking with excitement - well not the cases, but the bears and other animals inside. As for me....well I have to say I am aching all over - I don't think I can stitch another stitch or stuff another stuff. My poor brain feels the same - I cannot think of anything but bears....hedgehogs....animals.... I just hope that I have remembered everything.

Two young moles have hopped in to join the party - not the ones in the image as these have already gone to a wonderful collector in Germany. It is always hard to get a good image of dark fur but you get the general idea!

In February Bernard was adopted, leaving his girlfriend behind so his new owner contacted me to ask if I could bring a young lady for him as he has been looking a little wistful ever since that show. Bernard has seen the picture of his intended and has a little gleam in his eye - I think he will be happy!

There are some lovely bigger hedgehogs dressed in woolly coats or waxed jacket and some little guys - squirrels among them.

By Sue Quinn, Aug 3 2015 10:43AM

I feel like a small animal starting to gather supplies and leaves for the coming Autumn. (How can it be Autumn when we have had had no Summer?) Nearly out of fabric for the tiny dresses I make for the animals, I have been searching again for just the right prints!

So it was time for a visit to my favourite quilt store to see what they have got - walking in with the intention of not spending very much; walking out with a bag stuffed. The problem is that when I walk into a fabric store my pulse speeds up dramatically - I love the smell, the colours and and and......everything. I do try to buy online too but sometimes it is not the same as actually feeling and seeing the cloth.

My shelves at the studio are groaning with cloth....Harris Tweeds, pure wool coatings, Liberty lawns, school uniform, and vintage. To be honest I do need a good sort out but the problem is that once tidied it doesnt stay that way long. When dresses and coats need to be made, piles of cloth have to be rummaged through to get the right one!

Yep, I must be a born gatherer..... it is where to put it all?

By Sue Quinn, Jul 12 2015 09:02PM

Shame on me! I have been so busy with my feet hardly touching the ground (unless I am asleep) and I have neglected my blog. This is Summer now, well the pretence of one which is typical of Scotland. Whilst parts of the world or even Britain for that matter are baking, here in West Scotland it is mostly raining....and cold.

My time has been taken up with shows, shows and shows....Gardening Scotland, the Highland Show, Pudsey and Sheffield. Each one has been very successful and even surpassing last years totals! This was amazing and great but it did mean that I had to knuckle down and make more for the next show.

The book 'How to sew Little Felt Animals has been going really well it seems - a good ranking on Amazon and Search Press tells me that the stocks are going down. Now it is time to concentrate on the next book which will be a delight.

Lots to do, but I can never stop adding something to the list! There are only so many hours in the day but I do try to get a little drawing done too whenever I can. Having opened up my tins and boxes of coloured pencils I am now committed to improving my skills in this direction which is very slow! Not too surprising when I have spent all day sewing and stuffing.

This lovely little girl came to visit me with her Aunty and I drew her picture together with the bear that went home with her! My first attempt at a portrait in colour pencils.

By Sue Quinn, Apr 20 2015 06:04PM

Ok I confess all. I have a passion for all things pencil. The colours, the wood, the smell even. Each time I add some different ones to my collection I promise that this time I will actually use them. However the same thing happens......I don't want to ruin those pristine lengths of wood!

Of course, they all differ in some way, some softer than others and some watercolour - I think my current favourite is the lovely set of Faber Castell Prismacolour. They are indeed a reminder to me of the yearly Christmas gift of a set of Lakeland colour pencils and that is probably the problem as well as the pleasure. My little pencilled offerings were not good, not good at all. All I succeeded to do was break the points and argue with my smug older brother who always kept his in good condition!

So now I have come out of my pencil box and confessed - I promise to actually use them more often and even, horror of horror, use and sharpen them down to little stumps!

There are many incredibly gifted Coloured Pencil artists out there and I know my work will never be at that level but I will try! Now....which set of pencils should I buy next?

By Sue Quinn, Apr 6 2015 05:51PM

After so many weeks of rain and cold - today has been sunny and the sky blue. When we stepped outside the bird song was almost deafening - the birds must be delighted at the change of weather.

I took the opportunity to take my latest big bear outside to smell the air!

He particularly enjoyed seeing the magnolia buds opening which are always so pretty but although he really wanted to pose by the daffodils by the edge of the road he decided against it as he felt just a tad shy!

However he was happy to try out the little wooden Triang baby walker I had purchased recently at auction! It is just perfect for a big bear but all these large 'props' do take up a lot of room! This boy was finished at the stand at the Doll and Teddy Fair at Pudsey and had a lovely cuddle from Wendy Boston before he was even finished. Now he is all ready to go to a new home!

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