By Sue Quinn, Apr 6 2015 05:38PM

The Doll and Teddy bear fair in Pudsey attracts me to exhibit because although it is only a small show with a small table, it is full of interesting things to look at! I love the antique dolls so I have to step away!!

Quite often I have succumbed and I do have a lovely collection of antique dolls.

This time I found two small vintage hats made from rafia and trimmed with old milinery flowers. I was definitely tempted as I do like my hats. I have made quite a number by now, both rafia and straw and I am fascinated in their design and construction.

By Sue Quinn, Mar 28 2015 11:05AM

I just have to share my excitement - my new book has arrived in my hands - what a great feeling! After so much work it is all worth it when I see how Search Press has put it all together. It looks good, feels good and for those who like the smell of books - smells good too! Now it is time for promoting and sadly I am not too good at self promoting! Anyway here it is at last and if anyone would like to preorder a copy, you can do so on Amazon of course and a number of other sites including Search Press, but it would also be great if you could order it from me!

The price for a signed copy is £12.99 with free postage in the uk. It is available to buy in my shop.

This little guy is not in the book but is determined to make an appearance! His name is Timothy Mouse and his 50th birthday is this year! I designed and made the little character after creating a range of greetings cards depicting the little animal at the age of 14. The cards were printed and sold worldwide with wrapping paper, wallpaper etc to match; very thrilling for a teenager. The felt toys were also hand made by myself as well as manufactured under licence elsewhere.

Timothy is giving the animals a lecture to the new guys on the block - I hope they are listening!

By Sue Quinn, Mar 20 2015 11:24AM

When packing and planning for a holiday, how many of us fill a large space in their suitcase with things to do? I am pretty certain that I cannot be the only one, despite the doubts of my other half. Hard decisions have to be made, lists compiled and then altered in the lead up to packing. What to take and what to leave behind......oh the agony!!

Pencils and drawing paper are a must; needles thread and scissors essential, and this time GLUE! Last year I was completely glueless and I really NEEDED it. Most sensible people are more concerned about their suntan lotion, but to me a small bottle of glue is heaven. How else can I attach the sail to the tiny boat I made for the bears to sail on? That was the year that I combed the beach looking for the exact lengths of wood to make a raft...again for the bears. They had to be the right length because of course I had forgotten to pack the vital bit of kit - the craft knife.

So this years mission is to make hats! Not for myself of course but for the Tilly hedgehog I brought with me. I thought it was her turn to have a break in the sun and by the looks of her she is enjoying herself. So far I have made four tiny rafia hats in different colours. This is something I have been wanting to do since I was a child and now I know why this never really happened before. It is time consuming and very fiddly.

I takes about 3 metres of plaited rafia to make a hat for a small hedgehog. After some practice I found that I can plait this quantity in one hour and another hour to sew it up. Typical of me, I had to do this at maximum speed even though I am trying to relax! I think I might need a shoulder massage sometime soon by the pool....

What else do I have in my bag of stuff? Squares of felt in a rainbow of colours, tiny press cut flowers, and embroidery thread. If there are any signs of getting bored then I have my next book to think about or even .......a nap.

By Sue Quinn, Feb 23 2015 05:53PM

With suitcases bulging and feeling nervous (I always do before a show!) we arrived in London last Friday for the Winter Bearfest in the Kensington Town Hall on Sunday. The poor hall porter tried not to look too aghast at the size of the cases he had to squirrel away in the storage at the Hotel as the size of the rooms do not really accommodate two large cases as well as guests!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for a stroll down Portobello road amidst the crowds. Perhaps there are not really many bargains to be discovered there but we do love the atmosphere and that hope that we may discover some prize. I was happy to find some old millinery flowers for some special bear or hedgehog to wear on her hat but I managed to keep my purse closed for most of the time!

After a great night at the Theatre, I did worry that I might not have been able to get up in the morning to set up the stand but there was no problem as we had had a good sleep. No matter how many years I have been setting up stands large or small, I always always panic a little! Well let's be honest - I panic a lot! It is always a tight squeeze on the small table I have at this show and there is a point when I wonder if everything will fit!

It was a lovely lovely day and went by so quickly - my favourite bear show of the year! I could not believe that I only had two left at the end of the day; it turned out to be the best Hugglets show for me since the very first one. Thank you everyone who came to see me and adopt a little creature.

By Sue Quinn, Feb 16 2015 09:54PM

The plan is that this website will be launched with my full address in the next few days! In the meantime, if anyone is waiting for a reply by email please be patient as there may be some downtime!

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