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By Sue Quinn, Jul 28 2018 06:05PM

I have been reminded by some of my collector friends that my blog is overdue for some content! This is definitely true and my only and overused excuse is that time flies by too quickly! I seem to get busier and busier which is really really lovely but hard to keep up at times!

It has been a great year with many successful shows around the country. Just when I worry that my inspiration has disappeared, it comes back overnight and my fingers cannot work fast enough to make my ideas come true. One thing is for certain though.....I will never be able to stop creating and making my animal friends!

For the first time ever, I was not able to attend a booked show - the British bear fair at Woburn Abbey where I and many others had a great time last year. Our hot water tank sprang a leak while we were on holiday so we came back to a completely drenched king size bed and all its trimmings. Only a day away from packing the car ready for our drive down to Woburn.... The whole house was a nightmare so it felt difficult to leave it like that.

However I heard the show was a great success and I was thrilled to bits that I won five awards - two crystal and three certificates. The Stratford Teddy Bear Show came soon after and we had dried out by this time! It was a lovely show and I had chance to chat to collectors and other bear artists. We always enjoy Stratford and it is great that Katherine Hallam has ressurected this great show.

Now I have a few weeks where I can catch up on some orders and even have some spare for all the shows in the lead up to Christmas. It is just as well as I have managed to injure my achilles tendon and standing long hours at a show would not be good!

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