Meadow Prickleberry

£220.00 (Sold out)

This beautiful hedghog stands 16" high and is made in mohair fabric with fabulous hedgehoggy prickles.
She is fully jointed and has wired arms for more posability and holding items.  The eyes are English glass and the nose embroidered with perle thread.  
Meadow is wearing a Liberty cotton dress with trimming around waist and hem; buttoned at the back with a single button and buttonhole. She has a matching bow in her prickles behind her ear.  The cardigan/jacket is hand knitted. The laceup shoes are removable and with care (and balance) she is able to stand.  She carries a small baby (or toy) hedgehog which is string jointed and wobbly.
The 16" hedgehogs are a rarely made size and this particular one is one of a kind.
Now adopted.

Bears by Sue Quinn

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