Mundo the Magician (adopted)

£420.00 (Sold out)

This gentleman is ready to amaze his audience with all his tricks.  He is fully jointed and made from golden mohair; polyester filled.  Hand embroidered features and glass eyes.  The clothes are painstakingly made with attention to every detail.  Pure wool jacket and trousers, cotton waistcoat with SQ buttons, gold bow tie and faux shirt front.   Under his top hat there is a curled up white rabbit which remains unseen when he is wearing it! When the hat is off, the rabbit can be taken out with his ears to baffle and amuse his audience!  The rabbit is white sparse mohair, glass eyes and is loosely jointed. In his pocket he is hiding a string of pure silk hankies in different colours and in his other pocket he keeps a few playing cards.  He is a one of a kind fully labelled and signed.  A really beautiful piece standing 24" tall.

Bears by Sue Quinn

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