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Bears by Sue Quinn

Restorations and Repairs

daisy thingy

From time to time I am asked to do what I can for an old bear whose life has been hard;  showing the signs of much loving and play over the years, or has been discovered in the

attic looking sad and forlorn.


The first rule of bear repair and restoration is not to attempt to do anything at all unless it is really necessary,  as a bear's history and character can be irretrievably lost.  However, if limbs and head are dangling by threads there is not much option than to do some tender loving stitching.


As I have been designing and making bears for so many years I know a bear's insides extremely well so I feel fairly confident and also honoured to try to bring some bear soul back to life!

small hosp

These boys are just some of the patients who have come to stay in my hospital and made a good recovery!  It is quite a responsibility to work on someone's treasured bear and hard work but it is all worth while when I see the transformation before me and then the delight on the owner's face when they come to collect.


If you know someone who needs a little attention, please contact me for more information on 0141 887 9916.

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